Bolsonaro asks Trump for increased export steel quotas

Bolsonaro asks Trump for increased export steel quotas

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Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro reportedly asked Donald Trump to increase the existing Brazilian quota to export steel to the US under Section 232, according to media reports from Reuters and O Globo this week.

Bolsonaro’s call came after representatives from the Brazilian steel association, IABr, met with the Brazilian president to request his support, as both domestic steel sales and steel exports are sluggish due to Covid-19. The Brazilian steel industry is currently operating at 40 percent its capacity, according to IABr.

Bolsonaro told reporters at a press conference he “quickly” mentioned the increased export quota.

“Trump said ok. I need to go to the US and address a few topics there, with my team, and I am very hopeful that (I’ve helped) solve this issue with the Brazilian steel,” Bolsonaro said.

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