ERG’s Kazchrome sets new ferroalloys output record in 2020

ERG’s Kazchrome sets new ferroalloys output record in 2020

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Eurasian Resources Group (ERG), a leading diversified natural resources group headquartered in Luxembourg, has announced that in 2020 its subsidiary Kazakhstan-based Kazchrome, one of the world’s largest high-carbon ferrochrome producers, has set a new production record, despite challenging market conditions.

Accordingly, in 2020 the company produced 1.84 million mt of ferroalloys, having exceeded the previous record in 2019 by 1.7 percent. Meanwhile, the company’s export shipments in the given period amounted to 1.7 million mt of ferroalloys. “The company is working to implement several strategic initiatives aimed at boosting ferroalloys production. We are also taking steps to provide a steady and reliable supply of raw materials to our ferroalloy plants. Donskoy GOK is implementing a strategic project to build the second phase of the 10th Anniversary Mine. We seek to introduce the best innovative solutions and best practices and to generate our own ideas in order to make sure that our company remains agile and competitive,” Arman Esenzhulov, president of Kazchrome, commented.

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