EU rebar import quota for Turkey almost used up

EU rebar import quota for Turkey almost used up

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According to European Commission data, Turkey has already used up almost all of the rebar quota allocated to the country for the July-September period. Turkish exporters have shipped 69,939 mt of rebar to the EU as of July 8, with the remaining volume standing at 6,853 mt.

As the rebar quota has almost been used up, sources told SteelOrbis that Turkey can only sell for very late September or October shipments for the next quota period, another indication that Turkish rebar exports will not see any improvement in the near future.

Meanwhile, the remaining wire rod quota volume for Turkey stands at 13,079 mt out of a total amount of 79,478 mt. As of July 8, the import wire rod volume from Turkey waiting at EU ports is 1,705 mt, SteelOrbis understands.

According to the European Commission’s adjustments of EU quotas, starting from July 1 quota volumes are being managed quarterly, resulting in the quick depletion of quotas for certain products from certain countries.

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