Glencore’s Zambia subsidiary to resume mining temporarily

Glencore’s Zambia subsidiary to resume mining temporarily

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LUSAKA — Glencore’s Zambian subsidiary Mopani Copper Mines (MCM) will resume mining for 90 days, but still expects to go ahead with its initial plan to place operations on hold, the local firm said on Sunday.

Glencore’s original announcement that it planned to put MCM under “care and maintenance” due to the coronavirus crisis and other issues sparked a backlash from Zambia’s government, which threatened to revoke its licenses for not giving enough notice.

Mopani said in a statement that constructive discussions had taken place with the Zambian government.

“During the 90-day period, Mopani will continue to engage with the government on potential solutions to its current challenges,” the statement said.

Mines Minister Richard Musukwa said the government would continue dialog with Mopani to understand what it was facing and seek a sustainable solution going forward.

“A multisectoral team will work with Mopani to critically analyze the entire mine value chain to structure a survival plan,” he said in a statement.

In addition, Zambia would continue to create a conducive investment climate, which promotes sustainability and encourages growth in mining through reduced costs, Musukwa said.

Mopani said the health and safety of the workforce and surrounding communities was a top priority and it would engage with its employees, relevant contractors and local communities regarding the restart of operations.

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