Government announces funding that will benefit the mining sector

Government announces funding that will benefit the mining sector

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The Government of Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) have announced a new $15 million project that will bring immediate jobs to Saskatchewan’s construction industry and long-term impacts to Saskatchewan’s mining and minerals industry through increased production and cost-savings.

This project is part of the Government of Saskatchewan’s $7.5 billion two-year capital plan to build a strong Saskatchewan and stimulate Saskatchewan’s economic recovery.

“This project will help jumpstart economic activity in the province by bringing both immediate jobs to our construction industry and long-term benefits to our mining and minerals industry,” said Jeremy Harrison, the minister responsible for SRC. “Projects like this are just one of the many steps we are taking as a government to build a strong Saskatchewan and aid in our province’s economic recovery.”

“This infrastructure investment will allow SRC to consolidate SRC’s mining and minerals operations into a single fit-for-purpose building so we can continue to provide critical services to support the mining and minerals industry in the province and beyond,” said SRC president and CEO Mike Crabtree. 

“It will allow SRC to optimize and expand expertise and capabilities thereby more effectively enabling Saskatchewan’s natural resource industries, including diamond, potash, uranium, gold and base metals, to thrive.”

SRC has been working in step with the mining industry since the 1960s and throughout its history, SRC’s goal has been to create positive value for the province. The SRC provides services to support all aspects of the mining industry from geoscience, exploration, extraction, processing and tailings management, to remediation.

Its work with clients enhances and improves Saskatchewan’s presence in the minerals industry – a key sector creating wealth in the province. This is done by supporting new mineral discoveries, developing new methods and tools, as well as finding efficiencies, cost reductions, energy reductions and environmental benefits.

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