Italy’s ORI Martin and Tenova to face crisis relying on digital technologies

Italy’s ORI Martin and Tenova to face crisis relying on digital technologies

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Brescia-based Italian steel group ORI Martin and Tenova – a Techint Group company specialised in solutions for the metals and mining industries – are investing in digital technologies and the circular economy to face the post-Covid-19 crisis, the two companies said in a joint statement.

To do this they will implement the “Acciaio_4.0” project, which aims to transform ORI Marin’s steel plant in Brescia into a smart factory with the support of Tenova, thanks to the application of the enabling technologies of Industry 4.0. The project entails an overall investment of €12 million, €8 million of which will be partly (22%) funded by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and the Lombardy Region within its Fund for Sustainable Growth.

“Over the past months, our main priority – together with safeguarding our employees’ health and safety – has been to guarantee business continuity to our customers, trying to react promptly. This experience is showing us that the path undertaken with ORI Martin is the right one to face the challenges ahead: the implementation of a platform for advanced digital services based on big data analysis and machine learning technologies, integrating the entire value chain, is the key to manage steel plant operations in the safest and most efficient way. This crisis will widen the gap between those who invested in innovation and those who did not, favoring the first ones in a market outlook that promises to be very competitive,” said Roberto Pancaldi, Tenova CEO.

“Despite the difficult moment – both from a health and an economic point of view – ORI Martin has not stopped investing, especially in strategic models like Digital Transformation and Circular Economy, fundamental pillars for green steel production and at the basis of the Lighthouse Plant Acciaio_4.0,” stated Uggero de Miranda, ORI Martin president. “We are aware that this is not just a simple investment: it is almost a revolution. We are asking our employees for great efforts in terms of time, energy, and also creativity. There is enthusiasm, but it cannot be denied that, as in all endeavors, there are critical issues and doubts. We are proud and happy to have Tenova at our side in this – I would say historic – transition for the ORI Martin Group,” he stated.

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