MMK’s BF shop produces its 650 millionth mt of pig iron

MMK’s BF shop produces its 650 millionth mt of pig iron

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Russian steel producer Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MMK) has announced that its blast furnace shop has produced its 650 millionth mt of pig iron since the launch of the first blast furnace in 1932.

According to the company’s statement issued today, August 26, MMK’s blast furnace shop, consisting of eight furnaces with an annual output of 10 million mt of pig iron, is one of the largest blast furnace shops in Russia.

“The construction of a new blast furnace No. 11 with an annual output capacity of 3.7 million mt of pig iron will serve as another breakthrough for MMK’s blast furnace production. This furnace will be launched in 2025. A blast furnace gas filtration system and a blast furnace slag granulation system will be installed. The furnace will be equipped with a local reverse cycle water supply system. A recycling steam-blowing power station will be built, enabling the facilities to use pulverised coal injection technology. The introduction of the new blast furnace will enable the plant to shut down three existing furnaces and reduce emissions by 6,600 mt a year,” MMK stated.

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