Tosyali Algerie loads 10,000 mt rebar cargo to US

Tosyali Algerie loads 10,000 mt rebar cargo to US

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Tosyali Algerie, one of the largest and strongest steel producers in Algeria, has continued working on strengthening its ties with the export markets in order to gain some flexibility in sales. The company is now loading a 10,000 mt rebar cargo destined for the US. The vessel will depart from Mostaganem port in Algeria and will deliver the cargo to two ports in the US. Loading began on May 26. “It will take four to five days to complete the loading,” a source familiar with the situation has told SteelOrbis.

Earlier this month, Tosyali Algerie shipped 18,000 mt of steel rebar to Canada, as previously reported. “It is natural for them to target North America as it is a large market and with no specific duties against Algeria, only the regular safeguard,” a source said.

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