Toyota’s global vehicle output down 54.4% in May, sharpest fall in 16 years

Toyota’s global vehicle output down 54.4% in May, sharpest fall in 16 years

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Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corporation has announced that its global vehicle output decreased by 54.4 percent year on year to 365,909 units in May this year, declining for the fifth consecutive month and recording the sharpest fall since 2004.

In May, the company’s domestic output dropped by 57 percent to 122,744 units, while its overseas output fell by 53 percent to 243,165 units, both compared to the same month of the previous year. The decreases are attributed to lockdown measures and lower demand all over the world.

Besides, Toyota’s global vehicle sales amounted to 576,508 units in the given month, falling by 31.8 percent year on year but slower compared to the 46.3 percent decline recorded in the previous month. In May, Toyota exported 76,114 units, with a 54.1 percent drop year on year, declining for the sixth consecutive month.

In the January-May period of the current year, the company’s global vehicle output was down by 29.5 percent year on year to 2,724,670 units, while its global sales reached 3,064,799 units, decreasing by 22.3 percent on year-on-year basis. In the same period, the company’s exports fell by 24.3 percent year on year to 677,876 units.

The company expects its domestic sales volume to show a recovery in June.

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