Turkey’s scrap imports in January down 13.91 percent from December

Turkey’s scrap imports in January down 13.91 percent from December

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In January this year, Turkey’s scrap imports were lower than the tonnages recorded in December 2020. The import volume in January alone came to 2.006 million mt, down approximately 13.91 percent month on month, according to the data provided by the Turkish Steel Producers’ Association (TCUD). Turkish mills have extended the shipments of cargoes they bought at the end of 2020 to March, causing tonnages in January to be lower than in previous months.

In the first month of this year, Turkey’s steel scrap import volume increased by 18.4 percent on year on year to 2.006 million metric tons. The value of these imports exceeded $680 million, up 47.5 percent year on year. When Turkey’s scrap imports in January are analyzed, the EU maintained its number one position in Turkey’s scrap imports with a 46.8 percent share, followed by the suppliers under the “others” heading with a 24.9 percent share, with the UK added to this category after Brexit. The main sources of Turkey’s scrap imports in January 2021 can be seen in the table below:

Imported tonnage Jan-Nov 2020 (thousand mt)

Change year on year (%)
















The number of bookings for February shipment is expected to be higher than those for January shipment.

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