Ugur Dalbeler: Turkish exporters to seek new markets, will face Russian competition

Ugur Dalbeler: Turkish exporters to seek new markets, will face Russian competition

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Ugur Dalbeler, general manager of Turkish steel producer Colakoglu Metalurji, has spoken to SteelOrbis regarding the steps taken by the EU to prevent imports of hot rolled coil from Turkey. Mr. Dalbeler stated that he approved of applications made against unfair competition as long as the investigations were fair, “We are facing unprecedented situations. We are going through a period in which authorities refrain from enforcing laws and legislation as a result of political pressures,” he added.

Recalling the ECSC (European Coal and Steel Community) agreement signed in 1996 between the EU and Turkey, the Colakoglu official said that the changes in the last two reviews of the EU steel import quotas target Turkey and that this is clearly a violation of the deal. Turkey has asked the WTO to set up a panel in response to these moves, indicating that sanctions could be applied to compensate for the damage incurred. He went on to say that arbitration procedures should be initiated within the scope of the ECSC treaty.

“The share of the EU in our exports is around 40 percent, although its potential share in our total steel exports is even greater. This rate will decrease after the proposed measures taken. Turkish exporters should seek alternative markets to minimize the impact of the measures. The decline in China’s exports in the post-pandemic period offers us a new market opportunity, while Russia’s being dominant in terms of prices in the international market, which has shrunk as a result of the increase in protectionism, will exert pressure on Turkish exporters,” Dalbeler said.

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