Ukraine-based KZhRK to suspend iron ore production amid strikes

Ukraine-based KZhRK to suspend iron ore production amid strikes

Dnipro region-based Ukrainian iron ore producer Kryviy Rih Iron Ore Industrial Complex (KZhRK) has officially stated that it has been forced to idle its iron ore production and, in particular, will have to lay off some staff in the nearest future. KZhRK said that such forced measures are a result of numerous protest actions of miners during the last three weeks at the company’s mines.

According to the official company’s statement, once the protest actions had started, the management of KZhRK took all possible steps to resolve the situation, though all the miners’ requirements were intentionally impossible to meet.

In a signed memorandum between the employees and management, the company pledged to increase base salaries by 10-25 percent, depending on the positions of workers. An additional rise in base salaries by a further 10 percent has been considered from October 1.

However, taking into account that some miners have remained underground, the company has taken the decision to prepare the enterprise for a long-term shutdown in order to minimize the company’s losses, to maintain the equipment, and to prevent a negative impact on the environment.

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