US beam exports up 3.4 percent in December

US beam exports up 3.4 percent in December

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According to export data from the US Department of Commerce, US exports of heavy structural shapes (including U, I, H, L, and T section beams) totaled 28,328 mt in December 2020, up 3.4 percent from November and up 18.7 percent from December 2019 levels. By value, beam exports totaled $26.3 million in December, compared to $24.6 million in the previous month and $20.9 million the same month last year.

The US shipped the most beams to Canada in December with 21,057 mt, compared to 22,399 mt in November and 20,059 mt in December 2019. Other top destinations included Mexico, with 5,680 mt; and Dominican Republic, with 1,092 mt. There were no other significant destinations (1,000 mt or more) for US beam exports in December.

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