Coking coal

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Unlike thermal or steaming coal used in power stations or for industrial or domestic heating, coking (or metallurgical) coal has unique properties that suit it to iron making.

A key characteristic is that when heated in the absence of air, this coal, unlike steaming coal, will form the hard, sponge-like material known as coke. As steelmakers are looking to produce high iron purity, the coal needs to have high carbon, but relatively low ash, sulphur and phosphorus content.

Also, coke should not physically break down as it travels down through the blast furnace (along with iron ore and limestone), so helping to retain permeability in the ironmaking burden.

The terms “hard”, “semi-hard” and “semi-soft” actually refer to the coal’s readiness to form coke (“hard” is best), and not its physical hardness. However, “hard” coal does happen to produce physically hard coke. About 10% of world mined coal is coking coal, with the major exporters being Australia, Canada and the USA, followed by China and Russia. And for more detail click and see wikipedia entry.

Coking coal

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  1. Kim Hyunkook Reply

    Find below new request for Coking Coal which we received from same customer, please let us know if your able to quote, if so quote for the below specified specs.

    Please quote your best price for supply and delivery of medium ash coal as per following specification and size distribution.

    You may quote for a quantity from 25,000 Mt to 30,000 MT.

    Option A. 25,000 MT

    Option B. 30,000 MT.

    (We will decide which based on our budget).

    Product: Washed medium ash Coal 10x50mm

    Quantity: 25,000mt +/-10% Sellers Option Colombian 10x50mm

    Guaranteed Product Specifications:

    Washed Colombian Coal Typical as received:

    Ash : Max 3%
    Moisture : 11%
    Volatile : 33% – 37%
    Sulphur : 0.7% max
    Fixed Carbon : 52-56% (dry basis)
    Size : 10x50mm
    CV : 6,800Kcal/kg NAR
    FSI : Max 3

    Above 50mm – max 5%
    Below 10mm – max 5%

    Packing : Loose in Bulk
    Origin : Colombia
    Loading time : 20th of June 2020
    ETA at Jubail Port : End of July or early August 2020
    Loading Port : ………………….
    Destination : Jubail Industrial Port, Saudi Arabia

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    Shanghai Roi Trading
    Tel: 00-86-138-0174-0260
    00-82-10-3131-1072, 00-82-070-7818-3380
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