PCI Coal

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The coals used by steelmakers for pulverized coal injection (PCI) into blast furnaces are broadly speaking steam coals (which are mostly used by coal-fired power stations) rather than the coking coals used to produce coke.

The desirable qualities in a PCI coal relate both to its thermal performance in the furnace, and to its physical characteristics (which vary depending on the individual coal preparation, handling and injection techniques used).

Coal with a low phosphorus, low sulfur and low ash content is sought, and other key qualities are a good calorific value and good combustibility. As already indicated, coking qualities are not required.

High volatility coals are desirable for their ready combustibility, but high volatility is not synonymous with a high calorific value (which increases the coke replacement rate that can be achieved), so there has to be something of a compromise here. The behaviour of ash, char and any remnant coal particles in the furnace is also an important consideration when selecting coals for PCI. And for more detail click and see this and this wikipedia entries.


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