Stahls GROUP Perfects Stainless Steel Grades Production

Stahls GROUP Perfects Stainless Steel Grades Production

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Stahls GROUP (part of Mechel Group) mastered the technology of smelting stainless nitrogen-alloyed steel at extra-furnace processing facilities.

This technology enables the plant to improve the steel’s ductility when processing, as well as increase production efficiency by bringing down the consumption rate of alloy additives and nitrited ferroalloys.

Products from this kind of steel are used in shipbuilding, automobile, oil and other industries.

The plant also mastered the technology of continuous casting of over 30 stainless steel grades, including complex alloyed steels and difficult-to-form welding steels. Compared with the traditional technology of cogging, the new know-how reduces the number of conversions at the mill, with metal yield up 10% and a cost reduction. The concaster machine casts over 30% of the plant’s total stainless steel output.

These new technologies won high praise from experts — the plant won a medal and a diploma of a major metallurgical exhibition Metal-Expo.


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